Coulissant 12000 - 16000

New product

Coulissalu V2 Expand

A completely hot galvanized system to avoid rust issues
A modular range to provide the customer with the equipment answering his needs
All safety parts comply with the Highway Code
Very good loading angle with the 2 angles platform
Non-slip platform
A Closed inlighted control box
Fuses grouped together in the control box
Emergency stop cutting hydraulic flow for safety
Manometer to control hydraulic performance
Possibility to be delivered in kit form

All parts hot galvanized

A very good loading angle

Closed inlighted control box with fuses and manometer

Fixing holes and aluminum cover in the flyer

Fixing holes in the side rave

Reinforcement for winching

G.V.W. compatible 3 500 kg
Maximum permissible weight 1 800 kg
Platforms length 4 996 mm
Platforms width 2090 mm
Width 2010 mm
Side rave height from platform 88 mm
Side rave total height 160 mm
Unused front length depending on winch options 205 mm
Complete weight 600 kg
Unused rear length 150 mm
Platform section 75x35,5x4
Material Aluminium
Loading angle de 11,5° à 13°
Voltage 12V
Platform sliding with one cylinder. Dimensions : 50x32
Time to slide the platform down 16s
Time to slide the platform up loaded 23s
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