Publié le 12/16/2020 



This kind of tow truck is more and more appreciated by recovery companies since they do most of the jobs and allow to preserve the bigger tow trucks of the fleet.

Using our 40 years’ experience in the word of very small tow truck as well as bigger one, we decided to combine the best of the 2 worlds in order to create a unique and performing recovery material.

It is sucessfully done with the COULIMED.


The 3 tonnes platform is in hot deep galvanized steel covered of non-slip painting.

The side raves are in aluminium not only to gain weight but also to offer a profile that prevent rims damages.

The booms under the platform are also in aluminium in order to gain rigidity as well as weight.

The strengthen tilting frame remains in hop deep galvanized steel.


The platform cylinders include a hydraulic bumper in order to provide a smooth and comfortable use.

Their lengths have been optimized in order to offer the best loading angle.


The wheel frame comes from our Baroudeur and offer strength (2 t) as well as an impressive thickness (100 mm).


The last generation light bar is operable from the remote in order to select one of its 13 flash pattern.

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