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Hercule Expand


EQUIP'MEN's HERCULE is a tow truck specially designed to meet the towing and lifting needs of heavy goods vehicles.

With its compact design, the HERCULE offers exceptional maneuverability. Its wide, deep trunks provide generous storage space for the tools and equipment needed for recovery operations.

The HERCULE's recovery arm is designed for maximum strength, capable of lifting heavy loads in complete safety. It is equipped with an arm-mounted winch, enabling complex lifting and towing operations.

The HERCULE's body is made of cataphoretic aluminum, offering both increased strength and protection against corrosion. This design guarantees the tow truck's durability, even in harsh environmental conditions.


High-strength steels.
An extra-flat arm (195mm) to pick up buses.
Aluminum bodywork for greater strength.
Optimized trunk volume for each vehicle.
Metallic protection before painting.
2 dual-speed 24-tonne Sepson winches.

G.V.W. compatible 26 000 kg à 40 000 kg
Maximum permissible weight 25 000 kg
Longueur utile du bras 4 600 mm
Volume des coffres supérieurs Dépend du véhicule
Matériaux de la carrosserie Aluminium
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