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The EQUIP'MEN ROTATOR is a tow truck specially designed to meet the needs of towing and lifting heavy vehicles.

With its compact construction, the ROTATOR offers exceptional maneuverability in tight spaces. Its wide and deep (660 mm) trunks provide generous storage space for tools and equipment needed for recovery operations.

The ROTATOR's recovery arm is designed for maximum strength, capable of safely lifting heavy loads. It is equipped with two winches located on the Rotator itself, as well as an additional winch mounted on the arm, allowing complex lifting and towing operations. Thanks to the 360 degree rotation of its arm, it offers maximum mobility during recovery operations.

The body of the ROTATOR is made of cataphorized aluminum, offering both increased strength and protection against corrosion. This design ensures the tow truck's durability, even in harsh environmental conditions.

Characteristics :

  • 2 Sepson 24t H200 winches (dual speed + band brake) on the turret
  • Front stabilizers with double scissor extension just after the second axle
  • Rear stabilizers with triple lateral extension
  • Proportional hydraulic distribution block located under the turret
  • Safety load control system visible from the control box and radio control
  • Boom lock for transport
  • 10° boom lock for compatibility with VDZ system
  • Aluminum and custom made housing with LED tail lights, color to choose from
  • LED lighting of the boxes
  • Roll bar with integrated taillight recall (x4) and LED light bar
  • Recovery arm with extra flat double extension (195 mm)
  • Length with bus basket of 4,25 m
  • 2 lifting cylinders
  • Arm equipped with "Power tilt" system (double rotation axis)
  • Articulated bar 100 x 100 mm
  • 15t winch on the arm. Head of gallows, steel cable, cable press and pneumatic release
  • Removable basket stored under the fairings (supplied with straps)
  • 3 sets of forks
  • Towing bar in its housing
  • Lighting control boxes located in the control box and in the cabin
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