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Patrouilleur Expand


Equip'men's patrol truck is a robust vehicle designed for urban recovery and towing. It guarantees optimum performance in the most demanding environments.

Our patrol vehicle is specially designed for lifting and moving vehicles. It is equipped with a 90 mm thick arm, enabling it to grip even the lowest vehicles. At the same time, thanks to its long working length, the Patrouilleur has the advantage of being able to reach and grasp difficult vehicles, parked in a niche or in confined spaces.

For maximum strength and long-term durability, the patrol arm is made from high-strength steel and the body from aluminum. This solid construction enables it to support heavy loads and withstand the stresses to which it may be exposed during vehicle lifting and moving operations.

Features :

  • Fully galvanized and cataphorized equipment
  • 90mm-thick arms
  • High-strength steel
  • Long arm length
  • Aluminum body
  • Lower cable guide in arm
  • Adjustable arm head
  • In-cab electromagnetic circuit breaker
  • Control panel
  • Camera integrated into arm

G.V.W. compatible 3500 kg à 6500 kg
Maximum permissible weight 2000 kg
Poids de base 675 kg
Longueur carrossable 2095 mm à 3080 mm
Largueur standard 2008 mm
Longueur utile du bras 1653 mm
Porte à faux de la carrosserie 850 mm
Hauteur des coffres 1055 mm
Volume des coffres supérieurs 2 x 210 L + 840 L
Volume du coffre inférieur 100 L
Matériaux de la carrosserie Aluminum
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