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Coulissalu V2 Expand


Equip'men's COULISSALU is a heavy-duty tow truck with a sliding platform. The non-slip extruded aluminum floor provides an exceptional loading solution for a variety of applications. Its special design ensures maximum grip even in wet or slippery conditions.

Its optimized loading angle makes loading and unloading vehicles easy, reducing the effort required and minimizing the risk of damage or falls.

The payload of the COULISSALU's platform is made of aluminum, making it strong and increasing its load capacity while maintaining a solid, durable structure.

The incomparable speed of this equipment is a major advantage for professionals seeking increased productivity. Thanks to its hydraulic or electric mechanisms, two possible versions, loading operations can be carried out quickly and efficiently!

Characteristics :

  • Low maintenance thanks to patented sliding mechanism on polymer blocks
  • Hydraulic or electric version depending on use
  • Ease of use
  • All-aluminum equipment with single-cylinder sliding system for maximum payload.
  • Non-slip floor in extruded aluminum.
  • Profiled non-slip side rails to protect wheel rims.
  • Excellent loading angle, thanks in particular to the loading spoiler.
  • Incomparable speed (16s for descent, 23s for ascent in electric version...!).
  • An electromagnetic circuit breaker, controlled from the cab in the electric version.
  • 4-function radio control for all functions.

Compatible G.W.V. 3 500 kg
Technical capacity 1 800 kg
Overall length 4 996 mm
Width 2090 mm
Usefull length 2010 mm
Side rave height from the platform 88 mm
Total Side rave height 160 mm
Weight with accessories 600 kg
Platform section 75 x 35,5 x 4
Platform material Aluminium
Loading angle mini/maxi depending on the vehicle     11,5° à 13°
Electrical tension 12V
Mono cylinder section 50 x 32
Sliding down speed (electrical version) 16s
Sliding up speed (hydraulic version) 23s
G.V.W. compatible 3 500 kg
Maximum permissible weight 1 800 kg
Platforms length 4 996 mm
Platforms width 2 090 mm
Side rave height from platform 88 mm
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